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Jeff Winter: 6 March 2013

jeff winter

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Everton ended up comfortable winners against Reading but it might have been different at 2-0 if the visitors had been awarded a penalty. Distin blocked a cross with his arm that was held up in an unnatural position as he slid in.

As seems to be the norm nowadays Sunderland games involve penalties and even more appeals. Gardner is usually involved as well, no complaints as he was duped into making a challenge that saw him catch the Fulham player. Sunderland's spot kick was described as soft but there was a slight tug on the shirt so the visitors could not have too many complaints.

Sunderland felt they should have had more the one that Martin O'Neil was moaning about by Hangleland looked accidental to me earlier though they looked to have more genuine claims when Frimpong blocked a ball with his arms. Good on Sunderland fans though who were reported to have booed the substitution involving James McLean. Hopefully that was because of his terrorist supporting views rather than his second season ineptitude as a player.

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Rocks Off Toys - bad boy or rock chick

Stoke City are another team that are often involved in penalty claims, Cameron Jerome did a dying swan act to try and win a spot kick and their late claim for a handball brought no joy as their was no intent and the contact was purely accidental.

Newcastle failed to take their numerous chances at Swansea where once again the nasty Cabaye was guilty of a totally unnecessary reckless challenge from behind. More talented but vying with Sunderland's Lee Cattermole for the north-east's nastiest player of the year award!!

Not too much to talk about in the Monday night game, but surprisingly in view of the importance of the game I am amazed that Aston Villa did not make more of the late challenge on Benteke that looked a very good shout for a penalty.

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