Rocks Off Toys - bad boy or rock chick
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Rocks Off Toys - bad boy or rock chick

We recently received this email from one of our users:

"Hi guys, my name's Kev and I'd like to share with you my strategy for winning on virtual football.

"Most bookmakers now have the facility to bet on virtual football matches. These are real teams but played in a virtual world. Each season lasts just an hour so rather than waiting for Saturday to come round you can play 24 seasons in a day.

"Now the results are generated and each league has a resemblance to current statistics. ie. You will always see Man United near the top.

"All teams will win lose and draw each season as normal. So this is how I make consistent profit.

"Method 1. Select any team to draw if they have not done so by around week 15, then starting with a small stake back this team to draw for every match until they do so. Sure this is progressive betting but you will receive odds of between 3.5 to 5.5 so the progressive stakes will never get too large. When you record your win stop and wait until the next season.

"Method 2. This is my favourite method but the stakes will be progressively higher than backing the draws.

"a. Firstly check past seasons results and determine which teams finish in the bottom 3.

"b.Select one of these poor teams and back them to lose home and away, you should never have more than 4 losing bets on the trot, and follow them until they have recorded 15 losses for the season. (They will probably lose 20 times or more but don't get greedy)

"c. Even by starting with a stake of 10p you should expect to make between £2 and £4 for that season.

"This system works for me all the time – test in demo mode first until you understand everything and remember keep starting stakes low until your bank increases by betting on virtual football.

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