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Steve Goldby: 6 March 2013

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Here's a great way to make some easy, free money on Thursday evening's Europa League clash between Basel and Zenit St Petersburg, whatever the result.

This is very simple to do. It shouldn't take you more than ten minutes and we guarantee it as well (details below) so the very worst thing that can happen is you make £60.80, whatever the result of the match.

Here's how it's done. Just follow these simple instructions.

You can use the banners at the bottom of the page to open the accounts or the links in the article.

1. Open an account with Betway and deposit £72.00.
Place your £72.00 on Zenit St Petersburg at odds of 2.50 (3/2).
Betway will refund your first bet with them if if doesn't win, up to £50.00.

2. Open an account with Betfair and deposit £50.00.
Place your £50.00 on Basel at 3.0.
If your first bet with Betfair does not win, they refund your stake up to £20.00.

3. Open an account with Betdaq and deposit £47.00. You need to enter the promotional code ALLBDQ04 when prompted.
Place your £47.00 on the draw at 3.4.
If your first bet with Betdaq loses, they will refund your stake up to £30.00.

You have temporarily laid out a total of £169.00 on the Basel v Zenit St Petersburg match. I stress, temporarily... Now sit back, crack a beer open and enjoy the game.

4. Here's what happens at the end of the game.

If Zenit St Petersburg win, you collect £230.00. That's £180.00 from Betway plus £20.00 from Betfair plus £30.00 from Betdaq.

If Basel win, you collect £230.00. That's £150.00 from Betfair plus £50.00 from Betway plus £30.00 from Betdaq.

If it's a draw, you collect £229.80. That's £159.80 from Betdaq plus £20.00 from Betfair plus £50.00 from Betway.

5. So the worst case scenario on the Basel v Zenit St Petersburg match is a draw and you make £60.80 profit. However, if it isn't a draw you make £61.00 profit.

That's a minimum profit of over 35%, a much better rate of interest than you would get at any high street bank or building society.

And if you want to enhance your profits even further, Skybet have a £10 free bet available with no deposit required.

Just click here for Skybet and put your free £10 bet on the outcome you think most likely.



It's understandable that some people will be sceptical this. "What's the catch?" we hear you asking. The answer to that question is that this is the seventh season that we have been publishing these kind of bets and literally hundreds of people have profited from following the advice on these pages.

Only twice has the refund guarantee been triggered and that was when we did all the figures wrong and sent refunds out to those who had followed our advice and suffered a small loss.

The refund guarantee works like this. If you take this bet and you end up out of pocket due to an error by, we will refund your losses. Simple as that. That means that you simply cannot lose on this.

The only stipulation here is that you must click on the links on this page and have followed the instructions exactly as they are written above to be eligible for the refund guarantee, not that you'll be needing to claim anyway. Just enjoy the profit and stay posted for many more of these during the season.



If you are unsure about placing these bets, please feel free to mail us or call us on 074321 29835 and we will talk you through it, no problem at all. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

If you want to take this bet, you should do it now because if the odds change, then the figures here will be invalidated. If they have changed, let us know and we will rework the bet for you.

The refund from Betway will need rolling over before it becomes withdraweable, if it becomes applicable. Please contact me and I'll show you exactly how to do it risk free.

Also, please note that the bonuses are valid for new customers only so if you already have an account with one or more of the bookies we are using, you won't be able to do this. If that is the case, mail us or phone us on 074321 29835 as it's not too difficult to write an alternative bet for you using different bookies.

If you are unsure about this bet, you are most welcome to call us on 074321 29835 and we will help you as much as we can.

It is absolutely vital that you click on the links on this page to open the accounts with the three bookies or you may not qualify for the bonuses/free bets.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at all.

Enjoy the profit!

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