3 bizarre football-results

Anyone who regularly watches football matches knows that such a match can sometimes be unpredictable. Unexpected results sometimes come by. Winning 4-0 may feel like a big win, but there is always room for improvement. Some results are so remarkable that we would like to share them with you. 

1. AS Adema – SO l’emyrne (149-0)

Two soccer teams from Madagascar have the most bizarre soccer victory to their name. In 90 minutes, AS Adema managed to win 149-0 from their opponent SO l’emryne. That happened on October 31st in 2002. How on earth could they do that? It was simple. The trainer of AS Adema ordered his team to shoot as many times as possible in their own goal. This was in protest against the referee. According to the trainer, the referee failed and made unfair decisions on the field. Boycotting seemed to be the only option.

2. Police Machine – Babayaro FC (67-0)

Another unreal high score, that is the 67-0 victory of Police Machine against Babayaro FC. This happened in the play-offs of the Nigerian league. This was not a protest. It was about corruption. The National Football Association opened an investigation after this match. The officials, players and trainers were almost all bribed. They were suspended for the rest of their lives. Since that infamous match in June 2014, they are no longer allowed to participate in the official soccer matches.

3. Tahiti – Cooks Islands (30-0)

In a list of bizarre football-results, this game of Tahiti against Cooks Islands should not be missing either. With a final score of 30-0, we can speak of a ‘crushing victory’ to say the least. This game was played on September 2, 1971. Within the tournament South Pacific Games. The most bizarre about this match? There are no further details known. It seems that Tahiti really did this on their own. In that case we can call this a legendary match.

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