Four Amazing Facts about Tarpon

If you like to fish, you’ve probably heard of Tarpon. Do you know much about this fish? You may be surprised at how much you don’t know about this fish. What size are they? What kind of water does their body live in? How do they spawn and what is their method of getting there? These are five facts you might not know about tarpon

#1: Eating habits and growth

The Atlantic tarpon can grow to 4-8 feet long and is very active. They also have great strength. A tarpon jumps vigorously when hooked and is a popular game fish for anglers. They are silvery-colored and covered with large, scaly scales. Adult tarpons will eat fish, shrimp, and crabs. They are then swallowed whole.

#2: Breathing

Tarpons can breathe with their swim bladders. This is something most fish use only for buoyancy. Being able to reach the surface to get oxygen will provide them with short energy bursts. This allows young and old to live in waters with low oxygen levels and less predators.

#3: Water Temperature

Tarpons can tolerate different temperatures and salt levels. They will die if they are exposed to temperatures below 60 degrees Celsius.

#4: Growth and Spawning

Tarpons will spawn in warm and secluded areas. Broadcast spawning is when eggs and sperm are all released into the water. Each female can release up to 12 million eggs. These eggs will float on top of the water once they are fertilized. This stage is called leptocephalus. Predators can’t see the eggs because they look like transparent ribbons. The eggs use the skin to absorb nutrients from the water. The tarpon then enters its juvenile stage and stays in shallow waters until becoming an adult.


Now you’ll be able to fish for tarpon more effectively the next time you go out. Catch a large one and go out fishing!

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