How to Design Custom Teamwear

If you’re considering ordering custom teamwear, you’ve probably wondered how to design them. This article will cover DYO applications, embroidery, and screen printing. It also discusses the pros and cons of each method and provides some tips to help you create the perfect custom teamwear hoodies. In the end, it’s a matter of personal taste, but the end result is always worth the effort.

DYO application

A DYO application will make the entire process of designing school leavers’ uniforms and teamwear easy. The application combines fully rendered 3D garment models with a streamlined user interface. The result is a high-quality custom garment that stands out from the crowd. The application is available for Mac and Windows and offers the latest in garment design and manufacturing technology.


Embroidery on sports teamwear such as hoodies and leaverswear can be a great way to show off your school’s identity.

High-quality school leavers jerseys are made from polo neck fabrics and can be embroidered with individual names, the student’s name, and a graduation year. A school leaver’s jacket is an important item of clothing for students to remember their school years by, so having their name embroidered on it is a great way to commemorate this special year. And, as a bonus, the cost is reasonable in comparison to other school-supplied school uniforms.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a trendy method of customizing clothes. A custom school leavers jacket or jersey can be made from high-quality polo necks. The individual name and graduation year can be printed on the item. For a more custom look, the school crest and other details can be printed on the garment. There are several different styles of school leavers jackets and jerseys to choose from.

This process involves printing on different surfaces by using a fine mesh screen. It was first used in China, and wasn’t popular until silk mesh became available for screen printing. A school leavers jacket will be an important part of any high school senior’s wardrobe.

Where to acquire your organization’s custom teamwear?

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