The Pros & Cons of Tennis

The most crucial element to consider when determining whether or not to take up Tennis is whether or not you enjoy the sport. As Jonathan Zhang states, Tennis is a fast-paced, entertaining, and surprisingly cerebral sport in which recognizing your opponent and mental toughness is almost as vital as physical strength. Zhang looked up to Hong Kong’s dominant number-one-ranked player when he initially started playing Tennis. Only a year after receiving this letter, the 22-year-old has assumed the flag-bearer role for a sport that has long lacked financing and exposure. He began his tennis career by representing Hong Kong in all major junior tournaments, including the Asian Championships, World Junior Championships, and Junior Davis Cup. He reached the Nanjing G1 doubles semifinals in 2017. He says that Tennis might be the sport for you if rushing about the tennis court with a racket in your hand while squaring up one-on-one against another player sounds like a fun way to pass the time. 

However, there are some other aspects to deem,


  1. Source of Exercise

To begin with, Tennis is an excellent kind of exercise. Tennis is marked by short periods of stillness followed by rapid bursts of strenuous activity as you race across the court, improve your hand-eye coordination, and give yourself a good muscle workout with all those big swings. That will keep you fit while also burning many calories; consider gamified interval training. Most studies now agree that everyone should work out to raise their heartbeats at least weekly, and Harvard scientists discovered that only a few hours of Tennis could help you live longer. Tennis is an excellent choice if you have never participated in any sport before.

  1. Mental Benefits 

Tennis has medical benefits that go beyond physical fitness. Dr. John Murray, a sports psychologist, has uncovered a slew of mental advantages to Tennis. There could be several causes for this: Sport, in general, is known to release endorphins, which can help you feel better, while the activity enhances your body image and increases numerous good associations. Tennis, in particular, is a very psychological sport, and squaring up against an opponent regularly and assertively can boost feelings of competence, trust, and identity.

  1. Source of Socializing

Tennis will get you out of the home and require you to interact with at least one other person. You can socialize with your buddies by joining a tennis club, participating in local group classes, and making new friends. If you like the occasional doubles match, you’re also improving your coordination and collaboration.


  1. Health Risks 

Like any other sport, Tennis comes with its own set of health risks. When participating in any activity that demands you to sprint about on a hard surface, there are obvious risks to consider: you could sprain your ankle or fall and cut yourself, just like when jogging or playing football. Tennis has certain unique dangers. More than many other sports, Tennis is incredibly repetitive while also being physically demanding. 

  1. Expensive

Unlike five-a-side football or a pickup basketball game, Tennis has several expenditures. Although an amateur player does not require professional equipment, a cheap racket will undoubtedly limit your ability. Suppose you’re particularly worried about injury prevention and look for a solid pair of tennis shoes and a stew with a high-quality shock-absorbing grip. Although not as expensive as in a sport like golf, the fees can still be significant.

  1. Social Drawbacks

Tennis can be a social game if you join a local club or lesson, but it can also be a lonely sport. There are only two players at a time, and for the majority of the game, your opponent stands several meters away from you, trying hard to beat and out-think you. Tennis will never give you the sense of social inclusion that a team sport like football, cricket, or rowing can provide. You’ll have to appreciate spending a lot of time inside your thoughts if you’re going to play a lot of tennis.

Tennis is a timeless sport that is embraced by millions of people all around the globe. It, like any sport, has its disadvantages, but if you find it interesting, the best thing you can do is get out on the court and try it for yourself!

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