The Ultimate Baseball Equipment Checklist

Did you recently join a baseball league? Do you have a little one who’s on a little league baseball team? Before you can get out on the field, you’ll need to have all the right baseball gear.

Some leagues will provide uniforms and some accessories. Be sure to speak with the coaches about what’s provided. Then, use the baseball equipment checklist below to ensure you gather all other required baseball attire and equipment for baseball.

Let’s play ball!


Other than the uniform provided to you by the team, you’ll want to pick up a few more baseball apparel items. Aside from your helmet, you’ll also want to grab a baseball hat and batting gloves. A baseball belt and compression arm and leg sleeves are also ideal.

Be sure to get a pair of baseball pants, baseball socks, and a pair of cleats. You should also look into baseball turf shoes for practice and when playing on turf fields. The best baseball turf shoes will help you practice without damaging an indoor field or turf.

Training Gear

Speaking of baseball practice, there are a few training gear items you want to pick up as well. Go ahead and purchase a batting net and tee for practice. You’ll also need several baseballs and a pitching machine for practicing alone.

Check with your baseball league to see if they offer access to batting cages and training equipment to help you save some dollars.


Not everyone plays the catcher position, but it’s ideal to have equipment ready in case you ever want to jump into the role. Ask your league what catching equipment they provide, and then head to the store to purchase what you need.

As a catcher, you’ll want to wear a catcher’s helmet and mask, shin guards, and a chest protector. Of course, you’ll need your glove as well to catch those missed baseballs!

Batting and Fielding

While batting and on the field, make sure to have a baseball bat, a batting helmet, and a fielding glove ready. There are a few protective gear items to have prepared as well. Those include an athletic cup, a mouthguard, and leg/arm/ankle guards.

Keep in mind there’s a variety of baseball bats to choose from, so take your time deciding what you want to use.


The last things to remember are your baseball accessories. There’s no denying that playing baseball requires a good amount of equipment and gear. To keep everything together, be sure to have a baseball bag.

These bags will have proper storing options for all your equipment. In this bag, aside from the items listed above, be sure to pack sunscreen, a water bottle, bat and grip accessories, athletic tape, and sunglasses.

Take This Baseball Equipment Checklist Everywhere You Go

When you’re ready to start shopping for your baseball needs, be sure to take this baseball equipment checklist with you. Follow each section in this guide to ensure you collect all the necessary baseball gear.

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